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Marine animals are over-fished. Companion animals are routinely abused, abandoned, and euthanized in massive numbers.

Answers to Your Questions

What is the name of the first Community Foundation that serves and funds only animal welfare?

The All Animals Great & Small Community Foundation is the first Community Foundation created to serve and fund Animal Welfare.  Its only focus is to provide money to projects dedicated to improving the plight of animals.  AACF provides for All Animals, whether they are great or small in size, whether they are wild or domestic, whether they are on the land, in the sea, or in the sky.  As the nation’s only Community Foundation providing financial support specifically for animal care, AACF receives donations and then disburses these monies to existing non-profit animal organizations.

This can be done either of two ways: 1) the donor can specify a recognized charitable organization which serves animals to receive their money or 2) AACF will invite non-profit organizations to submit grant requests to allow for the funding of effective projects in support of animals. AACF will approve grants for animal non-profit organizations that have a proven track record of achieving positive change for the benefit of animals.

What percent of all Charitable donations are given to the funding of animal causes?

Sad to Report, less than 1% of all charitable donations are currently given to the funding of animal causes. This amount is grossly inadequate!  The issues of animal welfare are extensive, urgent and global.  Marine animals are over-fished. Companion animals are routinely abused, abandoned and then euthanized in massive numbers. Wildlife is losing crucial habitat and some species are poached to extinction. Farm animals, too, are subject to unthinkable treatment in order to meet the needs of our growing global human population. Unfortunately, all categories of animals face a staggering array of problems and inhumane treatment whose scope and impact continue to grow each day.

Animals play a crucial role in the overall health of our planet. It is vital that we, as humans who share this earth with the animals, assume our duty and our responsibility to provide for their protection and preservation.

How can charitable donors direct the use of their donation?

The All Animals Great & Small Community Foundation provides donors with options that are unavailable elsewhere. As a donor, not only can you decide who will be the recipient animal charitable organization, you can also participate with us in designing a plan for how much to give, when to give and for what purpose your money will be used.  Or, if you prefer, you may choose to have AACF determine which organization or project will receive funding based on worthy grant requests

The community foundation model is one of the most effective giving tools for individuals, families, or corporations who desire to support animal protection and conservation.  The AACF strives to meet your charitable objectives, and it assures that your philanthropic wishes are met now, and if you choose, in perpetuity.

How can you take advantage of getting the maximum tax benefits available through charitable giving?

Gifts of cash are deductible up to 50% of the donor’s adjusted gross income, with a five-year carryover. This compares to just a 30% deduction when giving cash to a private foundation.

Gifts of appreciated property are deductible up to 30% of the donor’s adjusted gross income (as compared to just 20% in a private foundation) with a five-year carryover for any excess.

Donors receive 100% fair market value charitable deduction for gifts of publicly traded stock, closely held stock, real estate and other long term capital gain property.  This compares to private foundations that restrict appreciated property, such as real estate or closely held stock. These items would be subject to a cost basis calculation.

Donations to the AACF also allow you an opportunity to significantly reduce potential Estate Taxes and avoid income taxes on funds housed in Retirement Accounts.

What We Do

AACF provides for ALL ANIMALS, whether they are great or small in size, whether they are wild or domestic, whether they are on the land, in the sea, or in the air. We can help you save animals from abuse, euthanasia, extinction, and slaughter.

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